A Cheesy Affair in Tapella (10.15.11)


Tapella, if you haven’t been there yet, is obviously because of it being on the farthest side of Greenbelt. Who knows if it ever gets a full house but around lunch time you can expect all the rest the tables for your choosing.

Let’s start with croquettes shall we?

Below is Cocido Meat Croquettes. It is really crunchy and cheesy no one will get tired of each batch. I don’t even mind if they have no dips because the fusion of the breading and soft insides are enough to ask for more.


Creamy Seafood Paella is good as well, we ate even the burnt sides attributed to the melted cheesy rice. The sad thing about it is how it was so long to prepare, and I’m telling you it is a really a very long wait. The serving is also tiny, that if you have a fair appetite, you wanted to have a bowl for yourself and not to share as the waitress told us. I mean it is ‘small’ size, but we asked which is good for two people and this is what they actually recommended.


And because we’re running out of time (we still have to watch a movie) but are still hungry, we opted for dessert. They didn’t have the menu for it, but they showed us a platter of various desserts currently available and we chose this slice of what our waitress called as crepe—which I always thought was that dessert where they fold in half with fruits and cream inside of it. This was not it (or maybe this is the actual crepe they use on the fruit kind) Each bite of this is really fluffy and the sauce poured over it provides a fairly sweet taste, a lot closer to leche flan only less creamy.



While the food is good, it would add to the restaurant’s image if they:

1. Serve larger portions

2. Have nicer waitresses with fast response time (we joked how me & bf can actually run away not paying)

3. Clean their white fabric chairs which looked like it was never changed since their opening.