Pepper Lunch: Hot. Literally. (9.10.11)

I still don’t get what’s the deal with “Pepper” being in the name of a hot plate restaurant (there’s also Sizzling Pepper Lunch) and not find Pepper in your plate (atleast Heaven ‘n Eggs are trying with the eggs). I remembered having dinner sometime ago in Sizzling Pepper Lunch and it was a so-so experience. The trick is the same with all of those hot plate restaurants, the pour of gravy will make you feel like your food is being cooked by the so called hot plate.

If you work near the area, or know Megamall that much, you would know that the area where Pepper Lunch and Bon Chon were previously rented by Kaya Restaurant. No one misses it as far as I’m concerned but my point is, of the two that replaced that mainstream Korean foodchain, Pepper Lunch prices are not as easy on the everyday lunch out as much as Bon Chon* is. So instead of shamelessly asking my lunch buddies to try it one time (the blame of spending too much on a day would be endless) I went there on my own when I was rendering OT.

Can you see how smoke trails up of the dish?!!

I’m not yet convinced on how the hot plate would be able to cook my food so I ordered the easy to cook fish. If you may look at the photo, it is still raw but flipping it over, even just once for less than a minute, you will see how it changes color from raw to cooked right before your eyes. It is also served with no dancing gravy so no trick is needed to convince you that the plate is indeed hot for food to be cooked.

A bit expensive though.
Next came their ice cream. I have been noticing how most restaurants now offer this  freezed delights (ice cream with toppings) this was the first time I was able to truly enjoy a cup. It was a bit huge though, but the taste of the toppings and the ice cream itself is something to be reckoned with.

Service is really good, they automatically reserve a good seat for you once you are in queue for your your order (self service), place is clean and the waiters are also friendly (I have one of them buy me the ice cream). The only thing that will hit the review star down is the price (for everyday lunch I mean) and how truly hot the plate is. They are so serious about making the plate in that cooking temperature that the plate was on my table for 20 minutes and it is still too hot for my tongue (hence the ice cream).

Verdict: Will come back next time.

*I ranted about my first time eating in BonChon but I was able to come back and choose the ones that are sure not to have any disappointing blood stains—the chops or the fish meals. At times I also order the huge burger.

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