Voucher Series: 60% off deal at Shiro Shiro (8.13.11)


I’ve been lingering in voucher sites for some time now and this is the first time I bought a food voucher (the first and only one being the Flip offer) to try. The best pick so far that pushed through (buffet meals would only frustrate me) was a 5 course meal from Shiro Shiro—it’s Japanese, we haven’t eaten there yet and it’s cheap. In other words not hard to convince the bf.

As usual we came in late from our reservation. I was frustrated at our demise (stuck in traffic, I have to call to move the reservation) only to find out that we really have no table competition at all. There was only one guy at that time (lunch hour) and it looked like the 100+ customers who bought the vouchers have no intention of coming in today.

We gave our printed out voucher to the waitress who was clueless on their OWN OFFERINGS. We even logged in (lucky they have WiFi) just to check what package we’re getting. And when we chose one of the sets, it was even unfortunate that it wasn’t available so we settled for the Okinawa Set. They should have at least prepared a print out of the menu yet they haven’t. What, they expect all of their customers to remember the sets?? There’s absolutely no reason why they don’t come out prepared for this.

IMG1218 No one’s around so they let us choose this comfy table and seats.

Inspite of lack of customers, our food came out just as if the house is fully packed; but when the food came, the intervals of the dishes served are not as long.


That’s stir fried veggies as side dishes and a couple of potato chips. Notice that the dip for it is mayo. I never tried it before but I never thought that the two complement each other.  IMG1207

Not much of a stretch to your good ol’ asparagus wrapped in bacon.


The salad was perfect. The crispy fish in greens are a nice play of flavors in the mouth, together with that yellow sauce. Although it quite missed the sharing part. (Yeap, that’s already for sharing)

IMG1211 This would have been better if it was served in rice. The flavor was just too intense to finish it without anything else. I think at this time I was already munching on my part of the tamago.


If it were the Tokyo set, it would have been ice cream, but instead we were stuck with fruits.

The original deal was supposed to be priced at 1000 php but the voucher discount slashed a huge chunk of it and we only paid it for 399 pesos. What the deal hasn’t told you was that, no rice is included in the set, and no drinks. What you see up there, the tamago sushi and the iced teas are only add-ons we opted to make. The thing is, it hasn’t established this impression that will make you come back because there was nothing in the package that is not found anywhere else, for instance, those fruits. Sure, 399 is already a deal for 2 people but claiming that this was previously 1000 pesos is a stretch.

While I may not know if catering to only a few customers at a time where lunch is served a normal occurrence, I would suspect it the case given that the promo was supposed to drive in more people. But seeing how they come unprepared (no printed menu of the promo set ; 1 out the 3 sets not available), add to that that their dishes are not something you will come back especially for,  I suspect a lot of them voucher customers will not be excited in coming back at all. The location is not exactly that accessible and really, they ought to be any more convincing. We all know that location is really important in setting up a business but it only takes a few recommendations to spread the word around. :-)


The actual deal: http://www.metrodeal.com/index.php?dealId=MjY1