Coming back to Ramen Bar (7.30.11)


The second batch of Food Adventure food trip hasn’t made both of us satiated so without hesitation we went straight to The Ramen Bar. Last time the only food that was served to us were kakuni buns and not a bowl of ramen which is obviously it’s specialty. I know for a fact that my boyfriend will not let any ramen opportunity go so we pondered on the offerings in the menu.


  There are so many choices in ramen alone but only one stood out, which we also knew was the house specialty. R.B.S. #1.


Okay so it doesn’t look very much appealing. Not anything like the colorful ramen bowls we are so familiar of. There aren’t no food arrangements, no familiar naruto slice on top. I was trying to break a smile when it was served and I was getting a bit scared that I may not enjoy it. But I can’t back out now, so I dipped my spoon and into my mouth. IMG1191

One of the reasons why I”m not fond of noodles is because it’s always too hot or too cold. I could never make it to the right temperature and blowing air into my food at every spoonful is a much extended effort to eat. But what was served in front of me was ready to eat and I was slurping away. And you know what? I enjoyed it. The flavor is so rich you can taste so much in sip. What was also amazing was how the pork was so tender you don’t even need to bite it at all.

Too bad I didn’t get to finish the entire bowl (it was huge) but we had our shares to go. It was so worth the 380, it is truly a good idea to try out the rest of the ramens available. I wonder if they’d ever make an R.B.S. #2…?