TME: Bonifacio Global City Parade (05.28.11)

One of the things that I truly enjoy are parades. I enjoy them a lot because as a sedentary individual attending one does not require any talent or exertion of too much effort at all and it's usually free.

Last Saturday was the first ever BGC Passion Parade. I do have low expectations since it's the first and yeah, I forgot to tell that to my date. You could say it was a fleeting blissful moment, with an emphasis to fleeting.
It was drizzly that day and we were troubled that they’d cancel this event. We’d never know of course unless we ask someone. At first we were contemplating on whether to ask a guard but most often they’re the most unreliable people to ask. So we went on walking till we saw queues of families who have balloons made for them, not sure if that requires a fee. We would have but it’s sort of awkward. We then walked further until we reached another street, what that is I don’t remember as well, but you can see a rerouting which only means the parade is still on. Yay! They’ve saved us from any frustration! So we walked to our little space on the gutter and I promptly took out a rare item nowadays, a digicam, and I was all set.

The first ones to arrive were Mini Coopers. It’s that sort of car I would love to have but then it’s not practical to drive in Edsa. But since I don’t eat nails for breakfast and I’m not a rich bastard then this type of car is definitely not for me.

The first set of balloons came. I’m guessing that’s a tree although it could be very well be anything. Like a brain or probably that thingy somewhere in BGC. 

Drum and Lyre band were next playing Superman and the BGC theme song. Barely Legal came next who according to my reliable source (and is currently holding my umbrella) are lawyers. It’s hard to imagine they are when they do that booty shaking.

Then there are the bikers. One of them  was able to show off and I was lucky to capture it just in time. Skaters were next who are obviously disappointed they can’t do any exhibitions on the slippery road.  A few more balloons and the last of the cars rode off signaling the end of the parade.

The parade will have a part two next Saturday and I’m not sure if there is anything more worthy to see the second time. Perhaps next year when the balloons are huger.

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