Mangan Tayon (03.27.11)

The earliest recollection of mine ever being in Baguio minus the time when I was still very young, was when I was there in the summer of Grade 5. I remembered Mines View being an ideal place to take photos of the ‘view’ then but when I came back a few times later, I can’t say I’m pleased with being there anymore. There are just too many stores and people I had the feeling the place is too overcrowded. But how overflowing of them in the number of stores, is their lack of a proper place to eat.
In our search for a non-too main stream food stop we ended up in a not so popular place with no customers. You can easily miss it though, since it’s situated right at the edge of a small commercial building we thought wasn’t opened yet (it was already lunch time).

Mangan Tayon in literal terms: Let’s Eat.
Terribly hungry, we then decided to eat there anyway. Their menu has nothing we haven’t tasted yet so we ordered at random.

Bagnet, Asparagus stir fry and the man killer, Bulalo. Taste and servings, definitely a carinderia.
I’m totally disappointed with their servings and their cooking won’t drive customers in. Sure they do have a good view of the mountains (better here than the over populated actual Mines View) but their service would have been better if what, the waitress would have been friendlier and the food, especially the food, to have had been really something good. Our hotel has better food compared here I tell you. I thought we found a gem amidst all of these shops but I ended up really dissatisfied.

If we can only eat the breathtaking view…

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