Always for the win, Café by the Ruins (03.07.11)

There are only a few restaurants in Baguio that have impressed foodies and regular customers alike and one of them (based on blogs anyway) has got to be Café by the Ruins. So of all the times I’ve been in Baguio it’s a shame I have never ate there yet. So when I was more free in insisting where I want to go (I was with friends at this trip), I’ve already brainwashed them to give in with my whim. 

I rarely endorse ordering bread before a meal since it’s too heavy, but with my enthusiasm, I actually got everyone to order their well known kamote bread. There were four of us so we had the chance to order all four spreads they have on the menu.

Next was the actual meal. They didn’t have group meals (as far as I’m concerned) so we ordered each on our own. This is the second time we dine out and I still ordered the bagnet meal. Someone also ordered drinks, and I’m not sure now what those are, but they were fantastic. All those meals are then served with soup. Sadly, ours came when we were half way engorging our orders.

After the meal, they offered lemon grass tea, which is the best tea I’ve ever had so far. And because it’s free, it was only good for two rounds for four people. We haven’t asked if it’s okay if we ordered more.

We were very lucky to have had the place as quiet as possible because they had a few customers that night, mainly because we had our vacation earlier than most patrons. Their waiters are accommodating and warm and the prices are not OA. I’m now with all those who fell in love with the place who have experienced a wonderful evening -- from the décor to the food they got everything covered and with that I’m 100% sure of going back.


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