TME: Hotel Reviews: Hotel 45

I forgot to ask why was it called Hotel 45, but what I do know is that there are like 2 Hotel 45s in Baguio alone, the old one at Session Road (which looked like a cheap motel) and the newer one where we stayed in. 

From the main road

Far from your 5 star hotel, Hotel 45 does not offer too grand of an entrance. From the door, you can easily spot the reception, on your left would be the dining area already and just a few steps  from the only available lift is the kitchen.

Looked a lot like they're in China.

If memory serves right, they have at least 5 floors with varying room sizes. Their  lift  has a capacity which claims to carry 11 people, although I can’t say that as true when everyone carries a humungous backpack.

Our room is reasonably spacious, with one matrimonial bed, a single bed, tv (with cable), an industrial fan (?!) and its’ own restroom. There were four of us so we asked for an extra bed which later on we also requested to be provided with a comforter.

View from the matrimonial bed

View from the single bed. That's me in pink and Chel (in gray jacket) is on top of the additional bed.

I’m not really picky with lodgings and anything that looks clean and no history of apparitions is already a winner in my book. Actually, we had so many options but we got the rooms because the price is fairly cheap, 3K for 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people, and comes with free breakfast for 3**. Of course given that it’s free you shouldn’t expect anything much. All you need to know is that it is your typical Filipino silog breakfast.

Sample breakfast

Arriving at around 4 pm, we decided to try out their offerings before going out. We ordered calamares, sweet and sour chicken, pansit sotanghon and Hotel 45 special rice. Not only was the prices of the food cheap, but the food was well prepared. Their food may lack presentation but I can say in behalf of us four, never the taste.

 Doesn't look much now. 

I can’t think of one thing I can complain about the place, but I am pretty sure I proved the reviews all over the web about this hotel were right. The place was a bargain yet clean, the food is scrumptious and you are like a stone throw away from the main road (to hail taxis if you don’t have a car) and SM City Baguio.  So why even stay at an expensive hotel when you can splurge on other things? Next time I’d go to Baguio, I would surely, without a doubt go back. If only for the food I would.

**regular breakfast meals are 65php


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