Shorties: Friendster’s move


Hearing the news of the wipe out was not a surprise. Obviously the company who acquired the site has to move now and do something since obviously the hottest place to be has got to be is now, Facebook. (Almost) Every individual are now on the massive site, even promotions and companies and tv shows. Seeing this wave of people caught the attention of sites and now they’ve added an FB link for easier reposting. Furthermore, billboards and flyers have that icon now too, reinforcing the ‘need’ to join the site. I have always said before how Facebook has become Friendster X 100. And I was right wasn’t I? It enhanced the need of the commoner to be known and heard.

Another similar SNS would then be Twitter, a favorite among stars. Obviously this kind of medium is a hit to them because they can easily post whatever they were doing in the moment without the press to do it for them; they can reply as quick too. And when stars love it, there’s no way everyone else won’t. Everything the star promotes almost always ensure success and instantly becomes a trend. I myself have recently gave in to the site, although not because of the stars or the pressure, but there’s one guy I can’t afford to lose connection with—won’t elaborate but just to be clear, it was never romantic.

So now the old SNS favorite was kicked off of its throne and has become a ghost town, or at a more accurate term, (copying from a blog I’ve read), a time capsule. This is exactly the reason why most of us still haven’t closed accounts because we have that certain moment in our lives where we lived updating our profiles on that site. Majority of my college life was recorded there, be it testimonials or photos. There are quite a few who still continue on updating their status messages and profile photos and the likes to this day, but still, the activity wasn’t as regular as before. I even have an officemate who semi-insults those who are still active on the site like as if it’s taboo. I’m not being defensive but it’s just not in my nature to talk trash to anything I was involved with in my past. And that includes FS.

On that note, I don’t know if the said decision of the company is worth the effort of saving. I mean, wiping out the details but not the actual accounts is sort of okay but now with FB/Twitter I don’t think anyone would ever dare go back. Starting from scratch with just an account is something that lazy web surfers simply have no time on.  And honestly speaking, FS has so lagged far behind. Would they have that similar Like icon in different websites like FB does? Or that Retweeting feature of Twitter? It won’t be easy to woo everyone back. Whatever comeback they have in mind would totally define the future of this site.  In my opinion it’s got to be gloomy but who knows? Maybe that’s why I’m not the CEO of said company.  I’m sincerely wishing them good luck.


Note: If you’re like me who wanted to keep all the memories for the past years you were active on the site, google Friendster Exporter (or find it in FS instead), an app you install in your FS account that enables you to create a backup of your files: photos, profiles and blogs. 

FS Exporter Icon

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