When is rape, rape? (09.20.10)

There was this news last week about this 12 year old girl, wickedly nicknamed Charice (a bit awkward I was about to use that name as title but thought twice about it so didn't bother) who was supposedly hired for a 'date' by the Mayor of Zambales. According to reports, her mom and a few police caught them, not in act (that would be so gross seeing your kid with an old guy) but when they got out of the room, to their much surprise. It was also said that a gay pimp made the deal between the two and the mom intends to file a case for both. She, and DSWD calls this as rape since we are talking about a minor here but somehow this is really awkward and weird of a rape case if you ask me.

For one, if the gay pimped Charice, clearly our victim knows what the hell she is expected to do. Why the pimp have a hold of her number and why Charice even agreed to this 'job' is questionable. If we intend to be all optimistic about the innocence of our victim, we might as well imagine that the only reason she got herself involved with this was because she owes this pimp some cash or she was blackmailed of some sort. But if we look at it in a perspective, not any mom would even imagine for her beloved daughter, well...

Fine, so she was 12. She maybe told that it was a friendly date or something. But even at this age of mine, common sense tells me that I shouldn't go with anyone I don't know especially if that is an old guy I barely knew and our rendezvous is at a room far far away. I won't even go with an Uncle on any place my mom does not know about. And we are talking of my Uncle here.

Maybe my mind is just too perverse who may see that my opinion is simply foul. But the only factor why this is still rape is because she's just a kid BY AGE. Are we that sure that this kid we are trying to protect is really still a kid at heart? Maybe we surround ourselves with this fanciful thinking that our babies don't grow old until they reach an age they leave us. But the fact is, what we are doing is blindly telling ourselves that they are innocent even if they are not anymore. If you don't believe me well you haven't heard of those rugby kids who sell themselves for 20 pesos or those children who does cyber shows at Imbestigador the other day. For all we know, she has already exposed herself to this but it was only later that her mom found out.

I kept on thinking about this for so many days and I can't decide on what to do next. I'm just so glad I'm not the judge if this case really pushes on to the court.


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