Secret Recipe: A Tale of Two Visits (09.26.10)

Visit #1 (09-26-10)

I have an open mind when it comes to different tastes of Spaghetti and Tom Yum Spaghetti (200) would be a good competitor against my all time favorite pesto. It has this distinct taste I can't compare to what, with a slight pinch of spiciness I would love to replicate at home. Great for meat lovers and are tired of the red sauce spaghettis.

What I'm not exactly a fan of is how they aren't exactly the best servers. It took a bit long for them to get to me so it really has not made my 1 hour lunch break that awesome anymore.

Visit #2 (12-04-10)

They had a treat this day to encorporate meal sets just like in Red Ribbon. I got their Satay which is just okay. The Black Forest cake, I am not really a fan of ever since but was able to finish anyway. I liked their other cakes but they seriously have to have a lot of them available so I won't have to make do with what they currently have.

Find them at Megamall B, Atrium 2nd Floor.

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