Korean Village: Not so Korean Experience (9.9.10)

I may be shunned by most who have already eaten here, but I would like to be clear that I did have a chance to eat Korean before, though I'm not that sure of the authenticity of the taste, seeing Korean nationals eating there adds a thumbs up. Here however, it is noticeable that most are just regular Pinoys off for lunch. Here's what I think:

Initial look of the restaurant misleads you to think how small the place is, until you get inside, where they have separate Smoking/No Smoking areas. I didn't get to try out their comfort rooms but it looks clean and inviting.

Though friendly, somehow our waiter kept on forgetting we ordered Beef Stew. We were almost done with our Samgyupsal, we have to ask for it again just so they can serve it to us. But I was surprised that they are very attentive that when we are done, our waiter automatically served us our pineapple.

A combination of Korean and Japanese dishes but the choices are very disappointing. How else would we know if that Grilled (insert meat here) was a Samgyupsal or a Yakiniku? If you've been reading my posts you must know that Yakiniku is simply grilled meat. The only difference with both is that Samgyupsal is served with side dishes and lettuce leaves (refer to Mi Ga post) and red bean paste. To break that down, the lettuce leaves are like baby leaves, the side dishes are just three and are in very small portions and the red bean paste didn't have that strong flavor (well the kimchi wasn't too) as expected. Bowl of chapchae is, well, enough for us two people but nothing like what you see on tv how they serve theirs in terms of portion (and how we had it before). In contrast with that minor disappointment, the Korean BBQ (assorted) is tasty and sweet, and Beef Stew reminds me of a local dish we have.

Not so keen in ever coming back and might as well try the other restaurant nearby, Korean Palace. The only good thing about this is that we only spent 800 for the entire meal. Hopefully, just in case we plan to visit it once more, it will blow us away.


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