Homework Ban

Just as I thought that E-vat was the stupidest thing that has ever happened to Pinoys, here's a neck to neck contender. The no Friday homework. The intention of this law is so that students may have more time to bond with the rest of their family during weekends due to teachers not giving them any homework. Even if the intention meant to be "good" as they say, I really don't see any sense.

For one, students DON'T DO THEIR HOMEWORK ON WEEKENDS. They cram Monday morning. And what family bonding are they talking about? They'd (students) have more time in front of the computer or go malling with their friends! And why? Because their parents are either asleep the entire weekend, or are still keeping up with generating more income (that's because their salaries flow out of their pockets due to excessive taxations in every little thing there is) or do weekend chores their lazy fat ass kids don't bother do. Our student demographic are lazy and stupid enough to add more to their bad habits of not doing school work during weekends. The only ones happy with this setup are malls, dimwits. I hope you guys who passed this realize that in the long run we'd have more students who does not pass a simple job interview or worse, experiment with their boyfriends 'what to do with their spare time'. Goodluck with that.

It's no secret that in passing a law, never mind the time it consumes Congress since it's their job anyway, requires a resource that the rest of us are dying just to pay, funds derived from our taxes. I can't imagine how this moronic law was ever considered given that they could have just devoted time to that much awaited PERA that is so past due. There was even a talk of lengthening the tenure of our students in schools and now this? What's even more disappointing was when confronted with this DepEd head simply said that it is still upon the prerogative of the teacher if she would ever impose it to class. But the mere fact that students now has more reasons to complain, it also poses a question, why does it need to be a law in the first place?

Links: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/201827/angara-backs-depeds-homework-ban
Image: http://kg.bahay-bahayan.com/


  1. Good one.

    As if we already not competitive enough. The Japanese will laugh at this.

  2. this is so shameful. much more than the one lito lapid filed about the heavy bags.