COMS: Mi Ga Korean Restaurant: The First Try

Samgyupsal for the uninitiated is a serving of raw cuts that you cook on a grill, wrap it in lettuce with red bean paste, add a clove of garlic if you may and have it dipped in a bit of that sauce (or maybe sesame oil not sure) and eaten whole. The mixture is both bitter (from the greens) and spicy (garlic and red bean) that screams healthy food because of the lettuce meat ratio. It is also served with 7 side dishes of gimchi (cabbage, radish and pickle), egg, fried slices of sweet potato, greens.

Jampong on the other hand is that huge bowl of seafood mania. And you know that that red broth isn’t just food coloring, that’s raw spicy broth that I would love to slurp on any rainy cold day. Yum yum.

The serving of the Samgyupsal that we ordered are enough for two people (says so in the menu) but with Jampong, though said in the menu good for just 1 person is for us, a meal for an entire family of 4. Just look at that huge bowl if you don’t believe me. And one needs to get used to with the heavier chopsticks (which are slimmer too as well) in synch with the silver spoon. I know I did when I was starting.

Ambiance is great, waiters are helpful in our queries, price is awfully cheap for a huge meal and they serve after meal drinks in form of either tea, coffee or rice grain juice. But be warned. Don’t try going to the comfort room. Whatever it is that you liked here you certainly won’t at the comfort room’s interior.

Total Bill: 750


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