Furry Vengeance (08.07.10)

Genre: Kids & Family
I never heard of this movie until the three of us (me and my sisters) was inside the movie house. The whole time I was sitting there I had a conversation in my head that wanted to kick myself for not even trying out the two other more popular movies currently on in spite of one having a bad review (Airbender)
and the other greeted with a small number of audience (Salt). How can I not be? Seeing Fraser with his beer belly and badly made CGI animals who react with old school facial expressions, it's like seeing an imitation of violent cartoons who did nothing in an entire episode other than to hit each other with the stupidest of things. Good heavens they spared us having ACME explosives. On top of that they also recycled too many scenes that it's ridiculously obvious that they are either in short of budget or just subliminally telling us to do the 3 Rs.

And due to that a sane movie goer might miss a few good lines that somehow redeem the movie itself to have a rating higher by making argumentative points especially in the case of saving the environment, the theme of the movie. Example of that and maybe the only one I vaguely remember now was when one said, '...drinking from recyled latte cups and suddenly they are part of the solution'. I agree with him and wanted that complete line but as of the writing could not find someone who took notes. Come to think of it, no one dared for fear of being laughed at.