A Little bit of *Blook Whoring (07.10.10)

Months ago, I was trying to make use of all the boxes I currently own and my eyes fell to my overflowing shelf. I decided to store all my read books in a special box to give way to new babies. From that time I decided not to buy any more books but failed miserably. Just yesterday I already bought 3 books from the 14th Academic book fair at Megamall. It's their fault they have it close to my work.

So, what do you have in your shelf? From what you can see in the blog photo you can say I am really a fan of general fiction AND books with authors you have no idea who. From my estimate I think only four of them most are familiar with.

As a matter of fact this is because most of book hunting involves going to places that doesn't necessarily sell mainstream. And often, purchases are just by impulse.
Here's the back story of the following books:

1. How To Live with a Neurotic Dog by Stephen Baker
From Booksale, est. 20php. One of my rules in my book buys is to be keen that all books should be in a condition that they should still look new. No tears, not even a little bit of dog ear.
But I made an exception with this horribly kept book because first pages are already cute and funny. I am quite sure this is the oldest in the list I never gotten into reading.

2. Po-on by F. Sionil Jose

Given. I didn't expect my former officemate to give me this but it came with a short note saying that most of his book-reading friends recommend this but didn't read it yet himself. I had him read my copy of the Fifth Mountain before which I hope inspired him as much as it did me.

3. The Time Quake by Linda Buckley Archer
Powerbooks, est 500. This is a book of many firsts. This is the first time I seriously inquired over a copy of because ATC's National Bookstore (which I bought the first two books) haven't gotten to informing me of a copy, one of the last things I did on my last week working at Alabang. Luckily the guy in Powerbooks, Greenbelt pored over finding me a copy and found two, one at Megamall and the other at PB Glorietta.
They can't find me a paperback (which last two books were) but decided to go on with it still, so I had it reserved, the first book I ever did. This is also the first series I have ever completed, given that we don't count Pugad Baboy and Kikomachine Komix. (Yup, even if a fan I still haven't gotten into completing Harry Potter books. I only owned the last book as a promise that no matter what happens I would, even in hardbound. I have plans of completing that as well)

4. Tokyo Cancelled by Rana Dasgupta
Booksale, 150. One of my latest books, same time of going to Oishinbo, my first purchase in MCS. I've only been there once or twice back in my college days and wasn't keen in going in. But I still did and found this gem for a really cool price.

5 & 10. The Shadow of the Evening by Chris Walley & The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley
Doulos, two of the books in promo where you buy 3 for 200 php (I think).
If you can search over my blogs and find my Doulos post you'd know how long these two have been sitting here.

6. Pangangaluluwa at Iba Pang Kuwento by Jimmuel C. Naval
UP Stall at MIBF, around 200. Same thing. If you can get to find my MIBF post that's how old it is unread, and the last one from that fair too.

7. The White Rider by Chris Priestley
NBS, not more than 100php. I bought this when I found out I was too early in my cinema schedule and needed something to do until that time. I only got to read a few chapters but didn't continue on just yet.

8 & 9. Last Things by David Searcy & The Bride Stripped Bare by Anonymous.
Sale at Glorietta, 150php for 2. I was heading home from an interview in a company (I didn't sadly pursue after being accepted in another promising company as well) when I saw this sale. No popular authors here but why should I pass this opportunity? Maybe it is even my destiny I get to see this in the first place? If I wasn't scrimping on expenses I would have bought more!

11. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
NBS, 150. I have been meaning to buying this for a long time but wasn't able to because I can't find a decent copy. So when I accidentally saw that the local bookstore in our area has it, I didn't even bother checking what the price was and picked my copy in a heartbeat.

12 & 13. Deseparasidos & Gapo, both by Lualhati Bautista
NBS, both priced not more than 200php each. Last year was the time I got into completing my local book collections including my search for good local writers. I haven't bought all her books but would love to once I get back to actually collecting after reading these two.

14, 15, 16. Time's Fool by Glyn Maxwell, The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Cleary) & The Evolution of Science by L. Ron Hubbard
14th Academic Book Fair, 50, 195, 75 respectively. I would have added an H.G. Wells book but it's price is out of how much I brought for the day (as I've said I can't spend too much because my first salary in my second official job is not until next week), I even chose the less priced Art of War just to fit in the budget.

By reading you must have seen the pattern. I rarely buy mainstream because as of the moment I can't afford spending much on books, not even on clothes for that matter. But one thing is for sure. Book budget will sky rocket in the next few months and from there I would be completing series by authors I have my eye on for years. I'm also excited with the fact that I can now buy that Calvin and Hobbes collection that is worth 6k from my last check which is in my opinion way much worth than a splurge in high-priced clothes. Or maybe I should have my own new shelf.

So, any suggestions? I can hear someone in the crowd saying Tom Clancy. ^_^

*Blook -- Blog Book


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