Obviously Written How To Land your First Job [Part 6] (06.06.10)

I didn't know if it has just become a norm, but back in the day (3 years ago since I started working), I didn't recall any interviews via phone. But whether personal or not, you must always remember that this is all about selling yourself.

Lesson 6 Interview with a (non-glittering) Vampire

Considering how jittery most of us gets whenever there is an interview, you might as well be interviewed by a monster. But don't fret that much. Because no matter who is on the other side of the seat, he/she is still just another person who is capable of listening and saying his mind. Do yourself a favor and do the same.

I remember a friend of mine who asked me before how to pass an interview. I gave him tips and I think he has exceeded me in that field. But nonetheless I have just now made an acronym for you to remember to 'bring' on your interview day-- the 'A.C.E.'

A is for attitude.
So you've passed the exam and now you are off to your interview. When the meeting is over you were said to wait for 2 weeks for your result and it's already a month and it seems like your employer have just shrugged you off. You know you did well in answering the technical questions and you are 100% you have made an impression. But still, they didn't hire you. Why you ask?

One of the mistakes of newly grads is that they either go cocky or timid. Put yourselves in the shoes of the employer and imagine how would he feel in hiring someone who he presumes to not be able to go along with the current employees there are? You should show them that you are who what they like to accept a new guy in the team. Believe me. Being in your best attitude may be the x factor no one else, not even those who have exceeded the requirements would have and your ace in getting that job.

C stands for capability.
We all have heard about the CEO who hires his son to his company but instead of giving him a huge position, he lets his son do those clerical jobs first then promotes him later. The reason for this is because, like Calvin's father always say, builds character. Which is only after you become capable of doing something. Your CV's highlight are your skills and this is what you constantly have to enhance and upgrade. There is no such thing as being able to master one field then stop there. Again, life doesn't give you any curriculum once you step out of your schooling. You alone challenge yourself. Even products get an upgrade. You should too.

E is all about enthusiasm.
Ever experienced buying something not because of the item but because of the sales lady who talked you into it? This is exactly it. But don't press it that much or you become desperate. Try to look like you are interested in the job but don't desperately need it that you'd be down in your knees begging. No don't. I'm serious. Of course you wanted that job because your friends are there, but once you looklike an idiot you embarass yourself in front of your employer. Be enthusiastic. Never go over board. Remember, you are supposed to look like a professional.

How about selling yourself? Not all people can sell stuff. I for one would be surprised if I find myself be involved in selling anything at all. But one thing is for sure, there is only one 'product' that all of us are capable of selling. And that is our own selves. Why not at all? Trusting yourself that you can do something is the key. You are the only person in the world who knows yourself more than anyone else. So basically, knowing your strengths and capabilities and being able to sell these characteristics of yours, it's not really impossible to land any type of job.

Hope you enjoyed this series!