Obviously Written How To Land your First Job [Part 1] (05.16.10)

It's hiring season again yey! I'm assuming that when you are reading
this (unless you are already an employee of course) you have already
finished college. Never mind if it took you 5 years for a 3-yr course
(tri-mestral). Never mind if the school almost gave you a loyalty
award. They even scrapped the idea of immortalizing you with a statue
or present you a masterals on that subject course you've repeated the
6th time; not even renaming that theorem after you. What matters is
that you are already done with college. And this, dear graduate, is
your best advantage.

Lesson 1. Make the Most Out of Your Freshness.

One of the things I was already aware of back then was you can use
your 'freshness' as your advantage. By far this is your strength if
you were like me back then who aren't really sure what job I wanted to
end up with. What made it so hard is because as an IT graduate there
are tons of branches you may end up with and could go on and on for as
long as you learn the skills.

Reasons Why Employers Would Hire A Novice Like You:

1. You aren't that brazen yet to ask for a high pay check. Even if you
do, either you have an extensive background back in college e.g. you
are already commissioned for other's thesis, your OJT experience was
somewhere that is so impressive, and the likes. Notice I didn't
include 'if you were a summa cum laude'. The reason for such is that
you make the impression that you are already a pain in the ass and you
think so highly of yourself you deserve to set the salary negotiations
just because you did well in college. I recall how when I was sitting
in the HR's table some day before that one stupid cum laude already
asked for a salary of this amount while he is clearly a fresh grad.
Other than he became a laughing stock for 5 minutes, he was never

2. You are still wearing a halo. When I got my first (*real) job my
father said something like "I'm giving you 3-5 months tops before you
grow your horns" and my mom laughed with him. It didn't took me long
to realize what they meant when I started being tardy-- never I
imagined ever happening since most of my life I am awfully early. Not
only that, since the company I'm in is a bit unrestricted when it
comes to filing leaves, I get to spend the day at home when I don't
feel like it. I reason I don't have the urge to work anyway. Better
take the day off (Please don't ever do this. But I surmise it would be
hard for you to since most companies require you to HAVE to file for
leaves a day or two before the actual day you wanted to take a leave.
Ours are just different)

3. You are still gullible. On one of our job hunts back in 2007 while
we were still waiting for our graduation day and had nothing else to
do, we got on to this job ad about a certain bank who are in need of
encoders. Not only do where we came to was an agency (we are novices
then), the title 'encoder' wasn't exactly what we were thinking. I am
not divulging what the actual work was in that job description but I
swear I thank heavens the managers of that bank (I was sent to them
after passing the interviews) who didn't want to accept me. They said
something sweet** why they don't like to hire me (their last resort
after giving me all the discouragements they could ever give where all
I said was 'okay' and 'i'm up for it') and I wish all employers are
like them who are concerned with their applicants' welfare.

So after college, it's up on you when you want to start with that job
hunting of yours. You can already start just before you actually
finish college, like a month or two before the semester is over or
probably after a month. Be sure that you don't wait that long or
you'll be left out of choices. Why you ask? Hmm. Let's have that till
the next blog.

*Long story. I might include that in succeeding entries.
** I don't want to brag. ^_^

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