Shopaholic Ties the Knot (4.26.10)

Genre: Entertainment
Author:Sophie Kinsella
The funniest by far and the most outrageous problem Becky got herself into. This is also the moment we have all waited for, a comeback for the cow (why does she have to call her that anyway?! I love cows!) Alicia and how Becky's life went when she decided to go off to New York on her own and do what she does best as a job. Shopping!

There are also a lot of conflicts this time that she has resolved, like in Luke's case who is constantly pushing himself to the limits just to impress his ice queen of a mom. And then there is also Becky's NY designer buddy who can't finish a single outfit.

Again there is this mushy part near the ending which is something that I am not really looking forward to. I imagine the next book would be set 2 or years later as I think it says something about a baby. Now that I have to read too.

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