When You think of Noynoy, Think of Kris (3.7.10)

I was writing a different blog while preparing for dinner when I heard what was on the TV. Sister left it on Showbiz Central (GMA Channel 7) and what do you know. A scoop.

What was on was Pia interviewing Annabelle Rama on phone. I still remember her first one on one interview with 'The Mom' and it proves two things: Pia is that of a novice when it comes to interviews that when faced with an armalite type of a talker she would be reduced to a stump and Annabelle is one hell of mother. It was I think, extremely awkward. If I was one of the directors that day I might have fired Pia or have her do some small stunts. Even Mo can fare better.

Knowing this, you'd think the directors would have learned their lesson. But it didn't as they allowed it to happened again, they had Pia talk to Annabelle the second time (I don't know if this was but it is to me) this time on the phone. But even if they weren't actually facing the same thing happened again. Annabelle was talking too much Pia can't even finish a decent sentence. But why was Annabelle fired up again?
 You got it right dude. She was being all motherly over one of her kids, Ruffa to be exact.

There wasn't too much details on what was said but Annabelle was saying how her child was insulted by Kris Aquino. This somewhat of an issue anyone would be able to read in full detail from a 10 peso tabloid tomorrow causes her decision
to pull her manly voiced daughter out off the rival show, The Buzz. She (Rama) was constantly accusing Kris of the same things over and over again but not getting into what was actually said, hysterical as you may that from her lips I heard one of the things I 100% agree with, 'Di pa nga nananalo si Noynoy ang yabang yabang mo na' (Noynoy hasn't even won yet and you

are already big-headed)

Reminds me of that one on the radio too. That when COMELEC and whoever people who are doing something about the 'To be or not to be on TV' for celebrity endorsers and Kris, obviously one of the guilty ones snapped back by saying 'Sige, ipakulong nyo ko' (Go on, send me to jail). Those two commentators on the AM was laughing it over with criticisms. One of them even said the almost same thing Annabelle just said earlier, 'Di pa nga nakakaupo yung kuya mo, ang yabang mo na. Ano ka untouchable?' (Your brother hasn't even won office yet and you are already conceited. What are you, an untouchable?)

Yes my friends. An Untouchable. No one has described her better especially now. I don't know how their parents from the other side might have reacted to this but I'm betting an overgasp. Tsk tsk. As someone have said (sorry I can't trace it now after reading other blogs dedicated to Noynoy & Kris material for the past few weeks), 'How can He rule the country if he can't even control her sister?'

But then you ask, 'Noynoy is the one running, not her sister. Why blame her?' Who says I'm blaming her? All I'm saying is that, a sign of a good leader is if he knows how to keep a leash on who needs it. Just a little bit of example don't you think?



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