My First Movie Premiere (3.1.10)

I can't believe how my sister managed to win another set of tickets again. I only won three things in my life so far, all wasn't by chance. She however, has won movie 3 premiere tickets of the movie The Fourth Kind on the same day they were having the premiere. What a luck.

Anyways, she told me that it is around 6, and I was saddened I couldn't go. I came late in the office, 9:32 to be exact, so that's 8 hours after that. But here's the thing, inspite of the tickets saying they'd be starting at 6, they started at around 8pm. Enough time for me to commute here from Taguig to MOA.

I had luck on the bus in Market! Market! because once I sat the driver decided to finally leave even if there are like only 10 of us passengers. I hastened out of it when it reached Ayala and I hit my left wrist right on the pulse area. I tried to ignore it but as I walked it kind of hurt. Looking at it, it was kind of... scary. The vein became so bloated I thought it would pop. At that time I thought, 'Should I faint now?'

For an extremely clumsy girl like me I always bring band-aids. I don't know how it will help but I put one above it just in case it was bleeding. I began to strode towards the Ayala footbridge. My fear on my bloated wrist was replaced by my apprehension on going in on the dark. I remembered the cycle brownouts and I can't believe that they don't even make an exception on public places. I embraced my bag tightly and had my eyes peeled on the floor. I can't manage to trip on this situation.

Minutes later I survived. On the bus going to MoA it was already 7:15. Sister texted me it hasn't started yet. In short, I came there just in time for me to go back and forth the food stands thrice to find something to eat. When I went back in (I already went straight there when I came and sisters advised me to get food) Cinema 1 (Tickets say it was in Cinema 4, how dumb) they were just wrapping up the little program they have. The host (I've seen her in some cons I went to) was belting out her teeny voice which wasn't really music to my ears. Not only does her tone offsets her small naive face her jokes didn't fare well to anyone.

Fast forward until the movie is finished since that will be in the review anyway. So since my sister won the tickets, the host gave us another set of tickets 100php worth each for the X-Rider 4D, a Realto-like ride. And then they interviewed us with the typical Hero TV spiel that I can't perfect. For 100th time of not saying it right, the interviewer and her crew got to saying it with the three of us to finally wrap it up. Other than that I really hated it when she was trying so hard to ask me questions that would make me say that 'Yes. I finally believe in aliens'. In the back of my mind I was thinking, hell no. Who gets their beliefs straightened in a movie anyway? Not me.

So there I experienced it finally. It wasn't as I thought it would be since the audience are quite tame. But better this than be in a Love story premiere I believe.