Rawr Tigers! (1.9.10)

You'd just know how terrible of a blogger I am when I usually write/post later than I should. And this time around I haven't posted anything of the past year's important events and that includes photos. Like our bad experience on Christmas Day at Don Henrico's who served us food that was terrible because it tasted like it has been standing there for a long time already and in contrast, my wonderful first time to eat at Bubba Gump on my birthday with a special guy. I didn't blog both (well I did the birthday blog but I am selfish to keep it on the drafts) because i'm freakingly lazy inspite of having 2 weeks of holiday. Yes. 2 weeks of doing nothing.

Enough about me let's round up atleast 10 things of what we had last year:

1. The deaths of a lot of highly celebrated people locally and abroad, the one most shocking for me is Brittany Murphy and the other, who I just found out was a real person, Les Paul. I always thought it was just a fancy name for a guitar. (sorry!!)
2. Kanye's uncalled for comment on Taylor Swift
3. Tiger's tigresses
4. Finally, the cancellation of Jon and Kate Plus 8
5. The win of Efren Pe�aflorida on the CNN award earning praises from a whole lot of people and was an inspiration too. I used to believe in the guy but when I learned of his plan to court Angel Locsin I was like, 'oh ooookkaaaay'
6. Manny Pacquiao's win plus issues with Krista and Mayweather.
7. Noynoy's candidacy
8. Maguindanao murders
9. Avatar becoming the second top grossing movie of all time next to, yes, Titanic which was both from the same director.
10. Mother Nature striking back at us with all her storms here and abroad.

After Ox, here comes the Tigers (that's me yey!) and being my year I plan to:

1. Finally resign and find a much more apt paying job (IT's in this country are badly payed I tell you)
2. Start a novel (my wish since highschool)
3. Save up for a trip to Osaka or even just in Vigan (farfetched but I'm hoping to)
4. Apply for a broadband (they should make me a reality show out of it with all my experience)
5. Lose weight (cholesterol is good this time but I'm almost there)

I am though, quite ready of not being able to fulfill all my plans just like in the past year but hey, atleast I have some. ^_^ Goodluck to all of us this year!


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