Komikon (10.18.9)

A first for Komikon to be out of UP, I said prior at the Komikon Summer Blog that I don't think that being out of the grounds is a good idea. For one, comic readers, especially those who patronize indies though some are 'geeky types' aren't any least showy. And you are more sure that when they exert their effort of going to UP, they are up for 'buying something'. I've also talked to a few people who are comic (indie) publishers as well and we all agree that we enjoy the seclusion in Bahay ng Alumni. Another reason as suspected, cosplayers are still there (oh, I've even seen Ms. Keuls), though I can only deduce that the reason that they're there is because it's a lot like Simbang Gabi where when you get to complete the entire thing (Komikon is the last event of the 4-day PICA fest) you can wish to the cosplay gods and expect it to come true.

Now, the bad news is that we weren't able to secure a table since a whole lot has signed up earlier this time of the year but we were lucky to be sharing space with the MegaNon Comics (Tepai & Maika) to be able to make it. And we almost didn't I tell you. It is even a miracle when we were able to sell at around 4pm that day. Not to mention I forgot to bring the copy of the first issue. Talk about unprepared.

But all these things are nothing compared to how happy I am, finally getting the 6th Book of Mr. Manix entitled '12' (I think today is the book launch of it), meeting Mr. Memer and his wife (bought their comic and book too) and seeing Mr. David again with his new Kubori compilation. Other regulars are there as well and I couldn't be anymore happier. They also had the Komikon awards (did Berto won? Haven't heard) and a few things going on on the stage. There were probably some speeches and AVPs but I wasn't able to concentrate on since I'm more focused at our shared booth.

And then who could forget that band, which is probably the most obnoxious group I have ever heard so far, who not only murdered their composition to the extreme level of plain noise with perverted lyrics that are all in the form of screams 90% of the time. And when I say perverted, it is so explicit that their opening song is all about women's chests, to the humming and lyrics no girl in her right mind would ever appreciate. I was in fact, waiting for a line of women to slap the vocalist on stage! Their act was also topped when the vocalist said something that the next song is something of the devil-- then and there I rolled my eyes thinking these are big time losers. I mean, anyone who professes 'evil' in their works only wants to appear 'cool' to the audience. Song 2 wasn't even finished when their screaming somewhat ended and what happened was a good angel in our neighboring table turned the speaker near us off, muting the obscenity those guys are.

Larger booth space for everyone and where indies are 'TRULY the center of attention' is all I could ask for. They gave it already and it's fine by me. The only thing I wish though is that future comic conventions should allocate more slots next time. I've seen new groups this day but I wonder for the rest who didn't make it. I hope next time no one would be left behind.