Why is there a Cosplay.ph on MIBF?!! (9.19.9)

Oh yes! I don't have any photo though, BUT it doesn't erase the fact that they had an exhibit there. They even have a larger booth than Visprint Publishing!

I haven't even recovered from the last "comic con" I was in where they've totally stole the spotlight away from the comic artists who are suppose to be garnering the attention and now this? Is this some awareness program of some sort? But why in a Book Fair? Don't we have too many cosplays already? Isn't the attention enough? There's even a cosplay contest in TV5 for Pete's sake! I know I go to cosplay cons, and it's obvious with most of my album/blog posts but this? They're probably invade the next comic con on Megamall (I said from a much more previous Komikon Summer post that I don't take it as a good news for us indies to be moving from Bahay ng Alumni to Megamall because I fear most of them cosplayers don't care nor are aware of our existence anyway) as usual but can they just at least show up where visitors can understand why they're there in the first place?

Ok, ok, so what's up with me questioning where they should be setting up a booth and it's their prerogative anyway but come on! It's a freaking Book Fair! Where's the connection there? There wasn't even any booth dedicated to manga, there wasn't even anything Japanese to relate it to! Fine, there were some solely selling ballpens but isn't a Cosplay-related booth too far enough in the theme of the event? Where will I find them next? The World Gadgets Fair?


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