Oh No Kanye, You Didn't! (9.15.9)

No, it's not an excuse I rarely watch music videos nor award shows that I can't have a say on this issue. First of all Kanye is such a prick and a notorious guy. Through the years he's in the music industry all he showed is his rage and how foul mouthed of a guy he is. And now he ranted his insecurities and jealousy towards Taylor Swift, a promising singer/song writer.

The incident goes on with Kanye gate crashing over Taylor's acceptance speech for an award saying that there are more videos 'greater' than hers. What he did is just too immature of him and a clear tv broadcast bullying. The nerve of this guy who can't accept that there is this young girl, who may not be as long in the industry as he is, but accepts recognition from various award giving bodies. Too bad for him that Taylor is so successful nowadays that her SOLO ACTS are hits unlike his. I know that I may not be eligible to be called a music lover but I can give you 5 songs that she made big ALONE unlike Kanye who I can only remember through collaborative acts, and that I can only name one (Knocks You down Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-yo or the other way around I'm not sure).

Early this morning I've been thinking what will he get by this anyway? That it's alright to bully a girl that is not even on the same genre as his? How pathetic. He can't absolutely have any good reason for his actions! He's already old enough to be 'mature' in a sense but here he is, deriving strength from somebody else's misery.

All I know is that he wanted to express his disgust with being such a loser (which he never failed to prove to us time and time again) that he intentionally threw it to someone hoping that he'd feel much better. A guy who comforts himself by making someone he feels superior to miserable is a highly-insecured person and does not deserve any recognition at all! Hasn't he done enough self-inflicted humiliation already? Can't he just freaking shut his huge potty mouth?

Just great Kanye. Bra-vo. So you want to win an award? I'll give you one. The Most Pathetic-Insecured-All-He's-Good-At-Are-Collaborations Artist of All Time. Now beat it.


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