A (New) Ray of Light (9.26.9)

Note: If I die after this post, you know who probably done it.

Having became a slave for the past three weeks now and counting, doing OT at Saturdays (yeap, including that one Holiday too) and nights I should be under the covers, I have missed my Saturday movie dates, the news, blogging, regular internet time and other stuff that I barely have heard of this news if weren't for Yahoo. In case you didn't have the same situation as mine but have barely heard of this then this must be not worthy of a headline at all. Ask me and I'd say it probably is. No offense to those who think this is of course.

On preview it said that Congress has passed a bill or whatever it is that they call it to modify, yes modify, our flag and add a new ray to our sun. No, I can barely remember what all the rays stand for but I'm 99% sure one of the rays stands for Cavite-- one of the provinces that played a huge part in the Independence most of us take for granted nowadays. It said there that the extra ray would stand for the Muslim community and boy I don't know how to make up of it.

First of all, pardon me for being sarcastic but can I ask everyone to be, I don't know, be more rational? The flag is ok as it is! It's already bursting with meaning! What do you have to add a new ray for?! What, to develop sentiment from the Muslim Community? FOR WHAT????!! Excuse me with our Muslim brothers, this is nothing personal, and I am not a racist I assure you that, but come on! Bad connotation aside, this is just too preposterous! You can't simply ignore the fact that these Muslims we are trying to 'buy' with such a lame idea are the ones who are vying for, I don't know, AN AUTONOMOUS REGION???? They wanted the entire Mindanao for themselves and what do we do? Lure them to OUR side by adding a ray?! As if that will change anything!!

(A moment to catch my breath)

I reiterate, I do not have anything against Muslims. I am not that shallow to equate Muslims with war, nor terrorism, not even pirated DVDs like most haters I know. I'm not lying when I say that Muslims for me are simply Muslims. They worship Allah and their religion is Islam, that's it. For me equating them to being warfreaks is simply rubbish. No, you don't need to slap me in the face with a handful of magazines and newspapers for me to think otherwise. In a nutshell, Muslims are Muslims, Christians are Christians, Buddhists are Buddhists and so on so forth.

Now back to that extra ray. If the paragraphs above wasn't any more clear, I'm saying it now, I oppose this. I'm definitely against it. I'm not being selfish by keeping the history of the flag to 'ourselves' if that's what it means to you. The reason why I don't like it is simply because this is just double standard for me. What, the Muslims have gone too many they can have a ray? Whose next? The INC?*

This also translates that we are agreeing that they are, different from us which they aren't! They are Filipinos too. Their religion maybe different and so are the millions of Filipinos we share the Philippines with. I'm sorry Congres, I know you guys are way more intelligent than I am but this, all of this is just too wrong. Wrong because it's unnecessary because Muslims we should recognize to be our brothers inspite of no ray attributed to them or of their courage. Wrong because the time spent in N hours of meeting and paper and whatever life cycle a bill goes on would have gone better if you guys are focusing your attention to those in their utmost need. Wrong because for my entire life I can only remember you guys in Congress have done two things-- impose taxes that does not serve me at all and change the National Bird or any National Whatever. And wrong for all the kids who are still in school. They may learn to swear for the first time in their lives when in art class they'd do the National Flag and figure out how to fit in 9 rays instead of the equal 8. As if what it look like isn't hard already.


*If you're a member, I'm being sarcastic, not with you guys of course. It's just a comparison.


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