Jabbawockeez (9.5.9 - 9.6.9)

(If the spell above ain't right don't hate me alright?)

9.5.9 Saturday

I didn't know them before my sister insisted on coming. Working at an office in Alabang she pleaded me to accompany her only that I can't because I'm occupied with overtime work at that particular Saturday, our first attempt. She came alright, but what, hours before it started. If I was to come with her from Cavite I could have suggested for us to have left at around 4:30 and not on that terminal where I used to ride a shuttle from-- waiting there takes forever, believe me, unlike the one where I now go to, who also have a dispatcher with a sunny disposition anyone would be amused of always coming back.

Anyways, so she came at around 8, (I, however, logged off and came to ATC 30 mins earlier inspite of the heavy traffic going there, when my waiting was spent on National Bookstore where I bought 3 books on a cutoff sale, The Robe, Blaze and a Kindaichi Files Manga) where at that time you'd be lost in a sea of teens who are all in skimpy and provocative clothing a conservative might broke into tears. When she realized that even in her optimistic view she didn't make it, we opted to eat-- BK is full of those teens I told earlier so we ordered takeout at Wendy's minus the fries (we just ordered on a stall not on the exact restaurant location, I don't know where it's at ATC either). I wish there is but i'm terribly tired and sleepy I didn't bother looking out for more choices.

9.6.9 Sunday

Now it's the three of us. Even if I really wanted to stay at home I wasn't able to and I can't say no since sister, the one who wanted to go in the first place (me and the youngest can miss it for all we care but stayed on anyway) and claims she doesn't know how to get to Glo. And so we went, and for someone who missed Glo (me of course) for so long this isn't the image I want in my head. I haven't seen it ever since the bomb incident and too bad I wasn't able to visit G5 nor my top most favorite store location so far-- Powerbooks Greenbelt. I won't even press on going either. If anyone have been what I've been through, I'd rather not and enjoy going there sometime later.

Back at the Jaba free event, it wasn't exactly as free as it is. I can't remember how me and my friends back in college get to have seats watching Bamboo and some other locals for free but this time around I was told there have been tickets given away at G5, most of which are the so-called sons of god (no, that's not a typo. I intended god to be in small caps since I doubt they devote time to worship) who inspite of the chairs, they stand up still indiscriminately, to the misery of those who wasn't able to get in.

If it was divine intervention for me to be healed, I think I just drained the OC blood in me. It was horrifying I tell you, sweat and smell everywhere, water mixed with dust on the toes. At first it was a bit tolerable but when the group started dancing, people began pushing and shoving I ended up being far from my sisters-- they were actually the reasons why I chose to stay but since they are finally out of my sight I thought I might as well leave the premises to get a hold of myself then text them later when it's over. But try as I might everyone closed in on me.

I wasn't able to watch the group dance on the stage because everyone stood taller than I am. I was only able to see them on the screen on the right side provided BUT that wasn't the end of it. Those in front of me are couples who think the best way to enjoy the moment is having their heads touching each other, completely blocking my vision. If beheading is an option I really would have.

Aftermath of the event was trash everywhere, plants at the G4 entrance trampled on (the breeding of these people doesn't show with the 'rich kid' look) everyone was going to G5 that it was hard to even go there we backtracked to SM foodcourt to finally sit (2pm -around 8pm of standing. wow) and just rest. I wasn't hungry really, but I was so dehydrated I actually drank a full bottle of water without ever stopping to breathe.

The only good thing was that Jabba definitely know how to dance. They didn't lavish it with too much exhibition but the effort of dancing in tunes I rarely listen to nowadays rekindled my liking back to it. And it was also fun listening to the guys who kept on joking about everything when we were still waiting. But never in my entire life would ever do this again, honestly. Next time I'd really say no.