Toycon 2009 (9.13.9)

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Oh yeah! We're else would you gather cosplay-hungry kids and toy-enthusiasts in one roof?! Just Toycon of course! And since I'm on a roll, why else would I miss this once a year opportunity to even be there?

I was supposed to be meeting the Salimpusa Team (Me, Mark, Jin, Wilvic) to talk about the plan for the Manila Komikon and this is the best time to hold it. Too bad Mark hasn't come so I'm left with Wilvic and my sister almost the entire time (Jin took Fheb home then came back in hopes Mark would eventually show up).

The day started with me and my sister waiting at French Baker for them to let us in. By the time we reached the Megatrade Hall the line was so long we should have chosen to come from the 2nd line of elevators from the last one on Mega B. After a long wait we were finally in, and yeah. No cosplayers, yet.

Most of the first photos I have were just endless collection of toys for sale and in exhibit. No complains there since this is after all, a toy convention. I won’t even bother point out as to why the space for the stage is quite small and most of the halls are dedicated for the exhibitors. There is even a separate space for realistic busts (Logan is my personal favorite and Jordan even has sweat on his forehead).

We separated groups to scour the floor (Jin & Fheb, Me and my sister, Wilvic came after lunch), I think they met the Santino kid while I saw familiar faces from previous events, snap photos of Ms Czarina of Otaku’s Den (congrats on your costume!) and those Star Wars guys I don’t know what’s called. Similar exhibitors were there as well, Sugarfree & Blue (thank goodness they aren’t selling that jacket I bought direct from their store), CSCentral, Chikara Hats, Mango Manga and some huge exhibit, MaxiCollectors w/ Alodia’s Edge.

Speaking of them, of course they were there, Ashley & Alodia with Ren (those who would be blogging and is still insistent on ‘that certain rumor’ we need not put into detail, just stop it. They have all the excuse in the world to be there) on the side who were like magnets who hauled most of those who are wanting to take some shots (I went there as soon as I can, (I was even told by one of their marshals that I could have a photo with them and thought ‘no thanks’ out of all who are taking photos) only because I’ve made it a point to take some photo of them to show to an officemate of mine who can’t make it). I’ve also seen Head Butler Emile (though I think he didn’t recognize me), HG was there minus his costume, a promising band named FaultLine was there too (Wilvic when he came to join me and my sister actually bought a copy which is way cheaper than where they were selling it), this cosplayer I still don’t know who, but am looking forward to every cosplay she’s in because I think she’s good (this year she dressed up as the protagonist on Ghost In The Shell), and Mr. Paredes of Kalayaan was there as well. I’d also like to mention those ‘men’ who I’ve guessed would come in because they looked like hobbyists. For some reason they wanted to show how different they are that you could bet your money they’d never miss the event.

Remember when I said that they’ve allotted a small space for the stage? It’s quite alright. At least they aren’t stupid enough to ‘consider’ some VIPs on who gets to have a chair. They wanted to give a fair game for who gets to sit and those who could just go on standing. Me, sis, and Wilvic are one of the lucky ones who managed to secure a seat (which we uhm... got by sitting there for 1-4 hours waiting for the individual cosplay).

On our wait, there are endless Cabal endorsements, there was even a band who had a pathetic vocalist who did nothing but make himself look stupid by obviously hogging Alodia’s attention (she was one of the judges). If he thought what he was doing was cute, it wasn’t. I can’t think of any other combination of word to describe him but ‘kulang sa pansin’ (attention-deficit person). I think I can collectively say from us who were there that we were happiest when something on the stage went busted (well don’t imagine too grossly. They said something ‘blew up’ on the stage hence the smoke which wasn’t from the smoke machine) that they had to stop their performance. And since there was no power on stage the host had to improvise by doing magic tricks (very handy if the hosts know something other than just talking). One was with HG who was such a comic (as usual).

When the power came back they’ve eventually resumed program, now without further ado. They had at least 170 cosplayers participating and I was very keen for them to start since my battery is near dying. These are the things to notice:
1. There are too many Bumblebees (Transformers)
2. Most participants are really cute, girls and boys alike.
3. Lesser Naruto characters (thank heavens)
4. Still same old ‘i’m the character when on stage’ but nowhere near off cam & off stage
5. That guy in front of me is being such a pain in the a** by being very annoying, standing up whenever there’s a girl with skimpy clothes on or his being inconsiderate by moving his head anyway he please that most of my pics are blurred just by trying to avoid his stupid head blocking someone on stage.
6. The guy who had a Halili-Hayden doujin wasn’t even close to being funny. He could have just hidden under a rock.
7. Masks.
8. The host kept on making puns on swords and guns that the audience grew tired of it by the near end of the line-up none of them were laughing anymore.
9. More cosplayers this time around are shy types. As much as you wanted them to stay to pose, most just kept on moving around then go. Sadly most of them are even promising and cute. Argh. Better luck next time.

So was it successful if you ask? It was just ok to me. Nothing too much to remember though.