Accidents, Fatigue and the 9pm Routine (5.10.9 - 5.15.9)

I haven't written a week-long blog for a long time due to my endless time management problems. But this week had so much to be written I have to have a blog for it. I even finished this one before the shopping blog because I really can't contain what happen on this day (today's Thursday, 5.14)

Wardrobe Malfunction ? ---------------------------------------------
Tuesday I was late for office. And because I was racing for time, I wore the very first things I could get my hands on - a lacey spaghetti-strapped blouse underneath another white blouse. I have unbuttoned two at the top because it just won't properly close
 on the chest area. It showed cleavage but as much as I've seen it on the mirror it looked ok, like it wasn't really that 'out' so I just went out with it.

In the office none of my male officemates reacted so I thought it was ok. Later on, Boss Mil went to our place and saw my outfit and said my 'bra' is peeping. I said it wasn't and I thought she just let it go when she went back upstairs. To my surprise she pm-ed me saying that she has a lot of safety pins and she'd try to fix my blouse because of the sight of my 'bra'. The thing is when I asked her the color, she said it was cream and I started to realize what the fuss was. It wasn't my undergarment, it was the lacey blouse I have on (Well ok just for the sake of it I wore a black bra)!!

After lunch Miss Aimee noticed my 'cream bra' as well, and I told her it wasn't and told her I'd unbutton another one. We were both convinced it didn't look anything like an undergarment anymore and decided to just let it go. By noon though, no matter how I pulled the end of my blouse to reveal that it was indeed another blouse underneath the white one, Boss Mil and the other female bosses upstairs kept on making so much fuss about it I felt so conscious and thought I'd never wear such pair again.

Almost almost ------------------------------------------------------
The next day I then wore a checkered blouse that everyone, finally approved. They said it looked cute on me and I looked like a doll rather than, in Boss Mil's words, 'sophisticated something'. To be honest I don't get what's wrong with the clothing that I wore yesterday. I've seen such pair on women of my age WHO goes to office and no one reacts as such. I don't even get why I have to wear something that they MUST approve of. Plus am I not of right age already??! Yes, to older people than I am, I looked younger, but to those of my age? They always mistook me for being way older (which is so offensive).

Evening of that same night, after waiting for hours to get to Imus, this jeep that I was unfortunate to have ever flagged had an either stupid or deaf driver who dragged an old guy getting off. His hand was late to let go of the railing of the jeep which started moving even before he was off of it and was dragged a few inches with him (old guy) on the ground. He was actually a bit lucky to have ever came out of it in one piece. Good thing his head missed the platform of the jeep or else...

A Series of Unfortunate Events ------------------------------------
Well this day, to be honest, was the most unexpected thing to have ever happened in the office. Everything started as normal as it should, work then lunch at around 12 noon. I filled my mug with lukewarm water (I have to stock up since pantry is on the 10th floor, our separate IT office is on the 4th floor) as usual, with Mark doing the same thing. I got out first then saw Reagan on the lift near the buttons. I believe he went out of the pantry much earlier than we did and I surmised he was holding the buttons for far too long so I dashed to come inside.

I wasn't aware of any hint that it was just another trick of his (these male officemates I'm with usually teases me by closing the lift as soon as I'm getting in) and bam, I was sandwiched between the two doors and the combination of me being surprised and too clumsy made it all the worse. I dropped my water-filled mug (it's that plastic long mug you usually see on the office) spilling it's entire contents on the elevator floor. It got me so alarmed I forgot how the doors felt on me and thought what trouble I was in for 'flooding' the lift. Mark at that time saw everything and I said what about the water (after Reagan handed me my mug). Reagan volunteered for a mop, I told Mark to hold the buttons while I just go fill it up again (back at the pantry Miss Daisy saw me and said I looked blooming lately. She's asking to whom... ^_^). By the time I came back, Reagan was mopping, Mark holding the buttons and I guess Reagan didn't notice, motioned him to give me his lunchbox which he didn't. He went out with it with the mop dragged by his left hand to return it to where he got it. A few seconds later I heard his lunchbox and mug sounded like it fell and went out that instant.

There he was as I saw him, on the floor. Instincts tell you to have your dominating-hand do something to break the fall and that was just what he did obviously, and there his right
 arm sort of dislocated (that was what I was told). When Mark decided to come out of the lift to check it out the Delivery Guy asked if it's ok if he can finally go and in chorus, we all said yes.

Other than him, no one else saw what happened (well technically the delivery guy didn't, he was in the lift the entire time) and just went to take the next lift. He again refused my hand when I offered it to him so he could stand up (to be honest I forgot how he managed to) -- I don't know if he hasn't seen it again or he intentionally did that because he believed I won't be able to do so (he's, well everyone is, taller than me). I thought of helping him by taking his lunchbox and mug but by the time he stood up he took it from me as well. It was same on the lift, he was about to be near the controls when I took the liberty of doing it for him, same as with the door on the 4th, which, well, he let everyone else (our other officemates from the pantry came out after the incident so they don't have any idea) come in before him. Normally I believed someone who fell that bad would need all the help they need yet here he was still trying to act like nothing happened.
I don't know anything about fractures or dislocations or whatever that I supported the idea we (him, Mark, me) go straight to the hospital to have him checked. We went out answering no questions at what happened and walked straight to Alabang Medical Center (a good 5 minute or so walk).

He went instantly to the nurse, some other gave me the form to be filled and he was interviewed on his medical history or something. Not only have I learned and verified for real he is indeed a year older than I am (he was always teasing me he's only 16, or 18 whatever) but the fact that he has diabetes and that this seemed like their' family doctor's hospital or something. He was sent to do xray and when he came out, insisted on us (me and Mark) going back to the office. He said he'd come back as soon as he's done.

Walking back me and Mark discussed what's the plan. Just by reading how it all went, we couldn't possibly tell everyone that the catalyst of the chain of events was when I was at the middle of the lift's doors which was, obviously, out of his teasing. We are certainly told to not to do anything on the lift and here it is, something unexpected to have happened. But either way I still felt guilty that if I wasn't clumsy enough, it wouldn't have happened. No matter how I look at it he still got the short end of the stick and my mug vs. to the accident he had wasn't enought to cut it.

When we came back I know I looked horrible. I have so many mixed emotions I'm dead sure I look so messed up. Miss Aimee wasn't convinced that he 'just' slipped and felt there was something wrong with me not giving any details. I looked at her intently showing that I couldn't tell her anything than the fact that he 'slipped' and nothing more.

By the time he went back (still on his sling) it was almost 2pm. They were trying to convince him to go on a leave up to the next day so he could rest for sure. I heard he'd be alright after 2 days and thank God for that. What was disturbing was he pmed me (we usually talked via the local office messenger for some reason I don't know. It just became a habit of ours I guess)  the moment he came back (as soon as he 'explained' partially to the rest what 'happened') apologizing for what he did. I don't understand why he'd ever do such thing, saying it was karma and all and to be honest, what happened to me was nothing compared to his end. He continuously mouthed sorry over and over to me when he was at the door, (me bidding him bye) and even through text. He was also fussing over my mug if it was broken or not and was jokingly telling people other reasons on why he slipped. Again, what I knew about him increased, now more to his attitude towards things and how he handles situations and indeed. A truly interesting person. A weird at that.

When he left it was Mark convincing me to not feel guilty at all but it was his (Reagan's) texts that made me feel the better, because he was taking (or so he appears to be) it much lighter than I was. But I guess I'm just worrying too much. I'm hoping he'd recover this long weekend.

Leave again (9pm routine) -------------------------------------------------------
Friday was another unexpected leave I took after being so over fatigued for days of being deprived of sleep. I know my body is stressed because I've been having palpitations the moment I wake up and my menstrual cycle was so early and was so limited I worry for my hormones. Plus, I think this is the best opportunity for me to finally watch Star Trek. Wiii I can't wait! (This post would be updated if I managed to).


  1. Maybe next time you are in 168, get one of those tumblers with lids. hehehe . But accident is no laughing matter

  2. haha... nope my mug does have a lid. i just don't use it... i wanted my mug to look more like of a glass. it doesn't even have a handle like most mugs do