The Race To The Witch Mountain (3.21.9)

Genre: Kids & Family
After losing to *RPS with one of my long time girlfriends on what to watch, we ended with this one (I was really vying for Taken, my officemate said it was a bit violent and you know how I am with that lately) over a bucket of popcorn. In the end I would have made it 3 stars just for the simplicity of it, like ok fine, it still does in a way looked like a movie, if it weren’t for the effects on the bullets (which they have the nerve to even make close ups of, imagine it even when seen on IMAX). I thought we already have the technology for that (Superman) yet this one made it all cheap and pitiful.

Obvioulsy, this one did’nt really looked challenging in terms of acting, I can’t even figure out who the target audience was, because the kid aliens weren’t really something that would make the kids in real life talk for hours of (and their parents who were probably regretting the spent time) . She, Anna Sophia was even annoying me over repeatingly calling Dwayne’s character ‘Jack Bruno’ over and over.

The character of Dr. Alex was even obnoxious because she sounded like she was the one who invented the idea of wormholes, which is, well, everyone watching NGC or have read science magazines or even paid attention on their science subjects concerning about Einstein’s theories would already know. And lastly that part of the spaceship that had a hard time flying towards the closing gate was stupidly done, I mean, didn’t you need super fast speeds on achieving the wormhole effect?!!!




  1. I am such a fossil, I saw the original in what I think was either Rizal Theater ( where I think Shangrila Makati is now) or Quad

  2. lol ed!!! fossil, original and QUAD in one sentence?! that is hilarious! i thought the last person I'd ever hear that was my mom! anyways, ooohhh, so there was an original eh?? that I have to see

  3. I will die if your mom is within two years of my age.

  4. nope ed, no need. she's 51. nyahahahah! nice one!! you actually had me laugh so loud at this hour!!!