Shizen Orchestra: Maid Cafe (4.25.09)

Uwaa! Regardless whether they are my contacts here in Multiply, I am very pleased to say that we (me, Mark and Jin) really had a wonderful time on the Maid/Butler cafe. Our butlers were awfully nice and like one of them said (I’m betting it was Devin (gosh gosh please correct me I’m really poor at remembering names) ‘We are here to serve you’.

I couldn’t say much about Bona’s food (they tied up with them, and it’s a brilliant idea I’d say because their duties are and should be more focused on the service), their sandwich was a bit, uhm, dry? But the Italian soda (I had Kiwi) was nice and their peanut butter cookie was too. I didn’t, however had executed my evil plan of ordering a muffin (Shido (again, please correct me with the name) tried asking for it to the Head Butler who was nice to say they can’t) out of the meals they’ve set but the experience, let me reiterate, was truly delightful.

I am though, really sorry for our Butlers for being such a boring bunch, I am really really sorry for that and to think that you guys are so polite and patient with my two nasty (too much of a word ha-ha) companions. You see, there was this time when Jin asked for Shido to do a *head stand and he (Shido) surprisingly looked disappointed he wasn’t capable of doing it. Aww that’s just dedication, neh?

Plus they looked torn whenever they are to leave our table which is in a way awkward. If I could only have them seat in chairs and eat with us but then it won’t be a maid/butler cafe now won’t it? (Hehe) May I then mention that what they just did there made all the more why I’d bash the last experience all the more? Here I’ve made a list of observations:

1.    They were late but they had people telling us they were. They moved the reservations, they apologized of starting late and they have people on the booth to inform us.

2.    They have a set menu. At least you know what you’d get. Plus, cafes are supposed to create an ambiance of shutting out the hassle outside. Believe me if it weren’t for the maid costumes you’d forget you were in a con.

3.    The maids and butlers no matter what they were doing at the moment would stop and greet EACH group of visitor as they come in and they are polite in addressing/talking to their customers. I think I almost shed a tear there. (Exaggeration hehe) Bad thing though is that whenever I hear someone clap these past few hours I’d pause and wait for that greeting.

4.    They know that they should ask their Heads whenever some request was made. You could actually hear them consult if some situation needs to be handled. That just tells me that they are organized.

5.    They don’t rush people to go out. They even offer services and games if we still want to stay. I actually felt insulted (and I still am when I remember it) on that PREVIOUS Maid/Butler Cafe we went to who had a 10 minute time limit that may I add they never mentioned when we came in? Pardon me for this but that is the most dim-witted idea for a cafe. And don’t give me reasons like people are piling up. The cafe was supposed to be an EXPERIENCE. And honestly, we are expecting for a good one.

6.    Our butlers (next time we’d like to have maids!) almost never left our tables and they made us feel that we are served, not the other way around.

7.    They made me respect them. You see, there are a lot of chances when I could take photos of the maids, even the entire cast (one time they were all in front of me and I had a perfect view) but I **didn’t out of courtesy. I thought that since they are being honest they deserve to be treated that as well. ^_^

Oh I can’t wait for next time! See you all next time alright? And maybe then we’d get Yutta or if probably we can ask for both the Head Butler and Maid! I wonder what special services they’d do! I’m really looking forward for it! And yes. For those next conventions where there would be Maid/Butler Cafe’s, be sure it would be at par. I think I’m saying this in behalf of everyone who’ve experienced a wonderful time courtesy of Dokidokikisatten that we’d be expecting much more this time around. Honestly.

*Jin actually felt bad asking Shido that. I hope you (Shido) weren’t offended...
**I think I have a photo with the Head Butler Emile (is that right??) on the background. I don’t think that counts though because I wasn’t aiming for him.  ^_^


  1. Head Butler Emiru here. Much thanks for the kind words. On behalf of the whole cafe I would like to say we very much appreciate it. We look forward to serving you again. I'll make sure my people update the site when I organize another event.

    Arigato Oujosama~

  2. Hi, this is Shizuko, the Head Maid of Doki Doki Kissaten. I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself at our cafe. The rest of our cast are pleased as well--it touches us to know that we were able to make our customers happy. :D As our Head Butler, Emiru, said, we look forward to serving you again! Arigato, Oujosama~ <3

  3. ahaha Head Butler! We choose you for the next event. Let's see how you do on jankenpoy nyahaha ^_^

  4. yeap. especially when you serve them muffins. grrr that i'd surely get next time