Awake (4.19.09)

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
I was wrong with what I expected here twice. Once was when I thought that this must be another inspirational flick about some sort of sickness the rest of us aren't aware of (e.g. Lorenzo's Oil, A Beautiful Mind). A few minutes later, when the focus was on the couple played by Alba and Christensen, I thought I was tricked of watching a love story. Then much later, I found out I just hit jackpot.

What they did with the movie was really, in my opinion unexpected. I didn't know that they would swerve to that 'conspiracy' direction and when they did, it was subtle and it was enough to have my senses wake up and say 'Woow'. There wasn't too much drama incorporated though, but it was the plot that got me all grinning when it was all revealed. But to those paying attention, obviously you'd get hints at some parts which was conspicously arranged so you'd never guess till later. With this in mind, I don't really care. I enjoyed it so much even without the story being overly complicated. I think I would just add this to my all time fave-list.


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