Upcoming Evictions and other Happenings this Week (3.14.9)

This week I finally realized my mistake of naming my week-long blogs with ‘Weekends’. That was really sloppy and I promise to never commit that ever again. Actually I never had intentions of ever writing such lengthy blogs but I found it as a need to do so, since there are a lot of things on my head.  Plus i really I wanted to read these in the future.

Mass House Eviction-------------------------------------------

For those who didn’t know, I was employed in a somewhat agency type of a company and we are currently deployed in a Non-Life Insurance International company in Alabang. I would like to mention the name here (though I think I’ve already mentioned it someplace) but i’d rather not. I won’t be getting any advertisement fee anyway.

So there we where. I remember our numbers reached higher in comparison to the in house employees of the IT Department last year and we collectively call ourselves ‘The Others’ as a joke which was akin to the ones in ‘Lost’ (me and another office mate coined it since we were both fans of the series and it catched on with the rest. It is definitely not from that local Vhong Navarro film). But two were evicted last year, the other one was transferred to the Makati branch of the insurance company plus another one who resigned effective January of this year and our numbers dwindled down to 10.

Now since last week, we were beginning to hear of the evictions that would happen soon. We call it eviction as a joke again, saying it was ‘Bahay ni Boss Rey’ and thought that was apt. The entire *Team A would be dissolved since the project is almost done, Raj would leave by the end of April, Miss Aimee and Jes a month or two later. By Monday this week, we learned that my team mate (and seatmate) would also be sent back to Greenhills together (due to his tardiness which was caused by his heart problem) with Raj, and Miong was added to the list by Tuesday because the project he was working on was abruptly put to a halt. We aren’t really sure if anyone from Team D would be back as well, and Mark we aren’t sure whether he’d resign anytime soon (he’s been here for 2 years and a half and if he won’t do anything about it he’d surely be cut due to his rate) plus add me to that. I’m having too many rows with my boss lately and I’m not really sure  with my situation.

But if I would stay and I’m pretty sure Reagan won’t be cut since he replaced Dex already (the one who resigned) and if they still keep the rest of Team D, there would be 4 of us left. Totally outnumbered, totally pitiful. T_T

Bong you did it again--------------------------------------------

Argh. Why is it that my pay didn’t look different?!! I thought I was promoted Bong? What the hell just happened? I emailed him by Wednesday and I was told he went on leave. The only brightside I can think of is the possibility of retro. That I am looking forward to. I haven’t splurged other than food lately and that would come in handy.

RIP Francis Magalona
I am not a fan. I just thought that he is a good person that in his last days he submitted himself to the Lord. I may not be aware nor even care what his sins were when he was living but he, as most have testified inspired a lot of people. But as much as I don’t want to be cynical I noticed something I won’t dare be a part of.
Lately I’ve been seeing everyone with his shirts. Today when I was in the mall I saw his stand at the nearest mall in our locality overflowing with customers. I even saw someone taking a snapshot of him purchasing a shirt and I thought how that looked pathetic. When Kiko was alive that store looked like nothing more like ‘just another’ kiosk. Now all you can see are those people clamoring over those. I genuinely like a shirt of his ever since he launched it because I think I’m being patriotic in doing so but now isn’t exactly the right time I’d ever do such thing. Because honestly, those people that I saw, I can only think of one thing. Hypocrite posers. The only reason they are buying those is just so they’d look cool because it’s, suprise, suprise, IN. If Kiko haven’t died I don’t even think they’d even bother. How pathetic. You guys are only spoiling the memory of the guy. Tsk tsk.


I just started a simple built-in tutorial of this PL. I really liked to learn this one. I think in time of studying it I’d finally get the hang of the codes and be able to use it to create some program someday... Oooohhh I can’t wait!


I heard from Miss Aimee that Doulos (floating bookstore) is already here in Manila. They’d be staying till March 30 and I’d definitely go this March 28 after salary day so I’d be able to not just drool on books but own them as well!!!

Unfortunately, I was told by an officemate it was the same time as the company outing but Swimming vs. Books? Oh man, of course, it’s hands down books!


Friday I went to eat my first taste of fishball this year. From there I bumped with an old schoolmate of mine. He asked me where I was working and I said Alabang. There I realized I don’t know what to do. He isn’t really the type I knew from h.s. who can successfully land a job, not that I’m being mean ok? I’m just basing that from the fact the he’s very easy go lucky since h.s. And so there we were, I haven’t racked my brains off on what to say that won’t offend him and we part ways without any other word after my answer. I really felt awful that day.

After my futile attempt of watching it after work, our local theater wasn’t really cool with the idea of opening an LFS at around 7. Imagine they closed the theater at 5?! What the?!

But I did get to watch it today with a cheeseburger deluxe (with watermelon float and large fries) which I regretted for a bit because I could have chosen a KR cheeseburger which was way larger, enough for more than 2 hours of sitting (I actually eaten half of it when I was watching the trailer). It left me hungry when it was finished so I went to this 2nd floor shop where I ordered cranberry tea and the surprisingly yummy lasagna. It was even better than Greenwich’s that cost more.

Anyways, when I was there a friend of mine since highschool walked towards my table, and there he was, surprising me with his girlfriend who is due this May. Wow. I never thought he would ever...
I wonder when I’d be saying to my friends I’m having one. Not that I want one in the near future anyway...

*The Teams were just named because of the racket it caused when Jess named a folder Team A (probably after Miss Aimee’s surname or his or both, that we aren’t sure) and the rest of us ended in naming our small teams by immediate boss.
1.       Team A – Miss (A)imee’s (Project Manager), with Jes and Raj as her programmers
2.       Team B – (B)oss Mil with Mark and Reagan
3.       Team C – After her surname (C)orpuz, me and Win
4.       Team D – Mam (D)aisy, Ica and Raymond

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