Darwin, Accident & Others That Happened This Week


I know it's too late of a blog, as NGC said, in celebration of Darwin's work blah blah blah, I decided I should write on something about him as well. It is his 200th year anniversary after all (which was last Feb). I've already read what Time has to say about it, watched an episode in NGC but didn't finished it (why do they have to schedule it on a freaking Sunday night?! I have to go to work early the next day you know?!), and now it's my turn to have a say, someone of my age, of how I think I should react on it and what I thought afterwards.

When I was in highschool, I had a teacher who truly believes in Darwin's Theory of Evolution whilst I was having problems on how would I ever accept it when for my entire life I've been going to church and this was 'blasphemous'. I even recall early this year our preacher was talking endlessly bashing Darwin with all his might, yet here I am, at peace with what I think is right. I know it hasn't been mentioned in the Bible, nor would any preacher/pastor or anyone who spreads the word of God would ever agree but I do have this thought I knew I'd never prove right. I can't simply cast a blind eye since all the evidence is everywhere! Why won't we ever stop finding ancestors and old creatures if it wasn't in any bit true? I do believe in both, and in some places they do coincide. So ask me, do I believe in The Creation? Yes. Do I believe in Evolution? Yes. Remember, God created the world in 6 days. Our world is 6 Billion Years Old. Don't you think it makes sense?


Our messenger came by Monday with an unexpected news. I was finally promoted from Jr. Developer to (Regular) Developer! I've been waiting for it since November, and here it was, the infamous promotion letter. Yey! Increase increase I definitely need. I haven't yet saved up for my sister's debut this April 8 and this is better than later. Phew. One good news anything bad after this would be incomparable to.


Tuesday, I was on my normal route to work, I was in front, closest to the door. It was supposed to be another so-so day when another van crashed to ours, right at the side I was in. My building is just a block away and here I am, luckily unharmed but there is no way I'd ever get out of it normally since my door was blocked. No blood, just cursing from our drivers I won't know how'd they settled (I squeezed myself on the driver's seat to get out) and another accident I was lucky to get out of.

ISAC Grades--------------------------

I finally learned the grades from that training I was in weeks ago from my SA who I bribed with a slice of sansrival next week (a day after 'salary day' since my pocket is already dry) and darn it, it wasn't worth it. It probably is my ego talking at my initial reaction but I am quite discouraged I wasn't disappointed enough. I was expecting to be slapped harder knowing how disappointing my grade was, but I was right in the middle of being disappointed and relieved. I was disappointed because that is the lowest grade I've ever received from presenting but relieved  like in their words, wasn't really 'have the makings of an SA'. All the comments I believe were just some cheap trick of making me believe I've done great or just what they tell to everyone, but in the end, it all depends on what was written on paper. I wasn't angry at all with what they've done because it doesn't really matter anyway, I've seen this multiple times on reality shows I've watched and this was something I've expected. Plus, it just tells me I haven't done quite enough to deserve a higher grade and all the stress, fatigue and palpitations wasn't exactly worth it.


Wednesday I came to work and was teased I was growing 'beautiful' these past few days. If there was an underlying insult there I won't know (like why in heaven's name do i look beautiful now? Does that mean I'm ugly the entire time?) but I realized that whenever I get crushes I usually exude some sort of aura that makes people say 'You look blooming today'. That was with the guy I've made a poem and posted here before and now that he's not around I've shifted my eyes unexpectedly to this other guy as well who is so oblivious (that last guy I believe already knows. He flirts with me all the time you know) that I now like 'like' him. I don't know if it was he was just interesting, but there is something to like about him. I don't know why it took me a long time to realize though.


My latest (lame) attempt to exterminate another cockroach is stupid I don’t even know why I bother. It’s either my slippers hit anything else but not that pest (there was this time I’ve smashed xmas lights while the roach scurried safely away) or they just plainly attack me in fright. There was this time that when I’ve successfully killed a roach, it’s compadre just flew towards me (yes it did!!!) and I was screaming my head off running. A similar scene happened this week again early in the morning. I definitely woke the entire house and had my dad do the killing for me after the culprit went flying towards me again. I was lucky to come out unscathed I tell you! Those bastards! Grr...

Anime Con-----------------------------

I haven’t been to any Convention last year, but this time I’d dominate it all (well not exactly. Just those that are easy to go to) !!! Bwahaha! Our first stop would be at the Ozine Fest 09 in which I’d finally be able to do some Goldfish scooping and taste (hopingly) authentic onigiri!!

Late and Later------------------------

I do think I should find myself a new place to stay in while I’m working in Alabang. I really am going late and later (did I construct my sentence right?) everytime I go to work. Probably in Muntinlupa or Las Pinas.

Ok fine! You got me. I was just giving a feeble excuse of leaving Cavite. I really don’t want to stay here anymore. It is just so boring here. Hmm.. Well 2 years to go before deadline...

The Talk In Isac------------------------

Here is an attached conversation I had with our PM in a different team. I’d really like to post it here since I was touched with her reply on 10:14.

 (9:56 AM) Me: may sasabihn po ako mam na secret
(9:56 AM) Me: alam ko na po yung grade ko sa sa
(9:56 AM) PM: cge
(9:56 AM) Me: *isac training
(9:56 AM) Me: nyahaha
(9:56 AM) PM: ngiye..pano m nalaman?
(9:56 AM) Me: with bribery syempre
(9:56 AM) PM: :))
(9:57 AM) PM: knino?
(9:57 AM) Me: alam ko na po pano mangbribe eh
(9:57 AM) Me: kanino pa ba...
(9:57 AM) PM: daya dpat ako nlang nibribe mo?
(9:57 AM) PM: hehe
(9:57 AM) Me: nye
(9:57 AM) PM: cno nman ang nagsqueal?
(9:57 AM) Me: basta po... wahehe...
(9:57 AM) PM: ah c mam ano?
(9:57 AM) Me:  
(9:58 AM) PM: hehe.. ok lang nman malaman nyo 
(9:58 AM) PM: ung grade m lang nlaman mo?
(9:58 AM) Me: hangga't di ko sinsabi sino oks lang po yun di ba? se hinulaan nyo lang naman eh
(9:58 AM) Me: opo.. yun lang tinanong ko.. unfair naman kung tatanong ko yung iba tas ako lang nagbribe
(9:58 AM) PM: haha.. oks lang un nde nman bawal sabihin eh..hehe
(9:58 AM) Me: kaya sabi ni mam ganon din daw sa iba
(9:59 AM) Me: anyways, sinabi na eh... mala reality show ang grade ko
(9:59 AM) PM: ah so kelangan magbribe din cla haha..
(9:59 AM) PM: tlg... mukhang mababa tlg cla magbgay ng grade 
(9:59 AM) Me: hmpf. sa mga comment na ganon as it turns out pa pala muntik muntikan na kong magline of 7
(10:00 AM) PM: cnabi b rank mo?
(10:00 AM) Me: infairness, hindi naging worth it ang stress, fatigue at palpitations ko
(10:01 AM) Me: grade saka po rank
(10:02 AM) PM: dont b disappointed kc mababa tlg ang median.. ung 5th rank nsa 85 lang....
(10:04 AM) PM: almost half cguro below 80 ... mejo nagulat din ako parang ang baba ng grades... well it reflects din saming teachers.. bka dpat ibahin nmin ang style next time...
(10:05 AM) Me: actually po mukang ego ko lang ang nasaling non... se err...pano ba lalabas na di mayabang... uhm... favorite ko po talaga mag report since nung nagaaral ako... so parang kinoconside kong strength ko as a student yang mga ganyang bagay... so slight lang naman na disappoint ako kasi hindi naman ako nadidisappoint ever sa grades ko sa mga dati po eh
(10:06 AM) Me: pero narealize ko na lang na siguro I haven't done enough to deserve a higher grade
(10:06 AM) Me: and a good reason why i would never pursue becoming an SA
(10:09 AM) PM: sa tagal n kc ng case n yan im sure kabisado n ng panel ung buong system so ang merit tlg rests heavily on how u analyzed and designed the system... cyempre expected nman n nde nyo mapeperfect un in such a short amount of time pero im sure maganda ang comments sau kc maganda ang delivery mo tsaka may confidence which is something they are looking for in an SA. 
(10:10 AM) Me: but still... parang nung napasok rin lang sa school po non eh. kahit anong ganda ng comment, kung hindi naman nagrereflect sa grade mo, it's nothing more than just a comment...
(10:14 AM) PM: actually mababa ang grade ko sa isac pero nlaman ko nung umalis nko s cpi so nagtaka tlg ko bat nila ko kinuhang SA hehe.....and nung nagSA nman ako laging excellent ang evaluation ko... pero cguro nsa bottom 20% ako ng class ...hehe.... there's more to you than just the grades and i know people see that.... i know ur a better SA than ur grade 
(10:20 AM) Me: nyahaha... di rin naman po ako padadaig sa grade po na yan eh... at least i know I had great moments back to those days prior to the training.
(10:20 AM) Me:  
(10:22 AM) PM: ngiye.... ano k b? parang naging turning point nman yang isac n yan... hehe... one of those trainings lang yan... nde tlg cya big deal ..hehe...
(10:26 AM) Me: i agree... kaya nga po 50/50 lang sya na disappointed/relieved.  
(10:37 AM) PM: yup