Fringe (1.9.09) TV Series

Let me get this straight first. I am a fan of Lost. I'm not a huge fan (i'm neither 200 pounds nor I scour the entire web just to get the latest updates) but I am a fan. I can talk hours and hours about theories and how I loved the entire series from the acting, to the lines and to the plot. And I love Abrams for that so I tried to take a look at Fringe. I heard it from another former officemate of mine who I've converted to be a Lostie who wants to check it out but left before I (accidentally) found the schedule on a local channel. I told this too to a friend of mine (another Lostie) and he said there are a lot of bad reviews from Lost fans and he surmises they just don't want Abrams to be occupied with another venture. I on the other hand, was, after watching an episode, partly convinced.

Partly because I don't see the dynamic acting as I've witnessed in Lost even in the first time I've seen it. I even remembered how I gaped at the first episode and still did till the last season. But I guess Fringe isn't that, anyone would be so dramatic lost in an island but being at loss of explanation of some sort or phenomena? Nope. I don't think so.

I'm not really feeling the actors playing the roles, the casting director might have seen some potential, but I don't see it just yet. There is something to be drawn towards the father of Peter and mysterious about the bald guy but the rest of them, him (Peter) included, I don't.

This first episode I've watched, I don't even know which, but seeing Heroes Season 3 airing before Fringe, that one I knew, still has 2 to 3 episodes left (if I remember right) and I'm assuming that Fringe is of the same range. And if it was I don't sense any bit of 'aw I missed a lot i should have started at episode1'. But a single episode is not enough to assess it though. You see as a fan of Lost I was saddened when they haven't won an award on this I forgot (or better yet intentionally did, haha) which was award body was it that said that Lost has submitted a 'weak' episode and didn't deserve a cognition entirely. That truly sucks. So I'm not judging this one yet. Let's see how long I could take watching this one. But hey, I managed one episode. That's a start.